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Alex A.Shojaie
Member of OSPE
Invention Registration Number: A-70-002312 Multi-purpose Hydraulic crane

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I am pleased to inform you that we have been servicing Hydraulic & Pneumatic Machinery and components for the last 40 years. We would be happy to quote you on your hydraulic and Pneumatic Machinery and components requirement.

Toro Hydraulics' expert Engineer have many years of experience in all types of Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Designs for industrial application, system trouble shooting, modification upgrading and custom built machine.

Toro Hydraulic can assist you with ON-SITE Consulting to improve your production machinery efficiency, to reduce downtime, to reduce costs, to minimize breakdown and maximize profitability.

We Offer
- Design & Engineering Services.
- Standard Cylinder Manufacturing.
- Custom Cylinder Design & Manufacturing.
- System & Equipment Design.
- System Design Upgrade.
- Customized Hydraulic Power Units.
- Customized Hydraulic Presses.
- Custom build Machine and Special purpose machine design.
- Totally revamp or upgrading outdated equipment.

If you have any concerns about upgrading an equipment, totally revamp or any other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact our engineering department.

Warning: Fluid under high pressure dangerously can cause serious injury or death. For your own safety, please do not operate defective or unsafe equipment and it is to your benefit to consult with a qualified expert. We shall be happy to give you our expert advice for free ! Contact Us.


TORO HYDRAULIC & MACHINERY offers hydraulic training, Millwright and Electrical control to help increase your productivity and profitably, preventing frequent stoppage production line, reducing valuable downtime of expensive machines and reducing costs.

TORO HYDRAULIC & MACHINERY by schedule a on site training with your system and machinery or in our hydraulic training department, want to give your personnel a solid understanding of basic hydraulic knowledge to keep maintenance cost and downtime to a minimum.

COURSE OVERVIEW: (Level 1 and Level 2)
⇨ Provides an understanding of basic hydraulics.
⇨ Teaches how hydraulics work, hydraulic training on how common hydraulic components operates and interacts with each other.
⇨ Instructs your personnel about reading and understanding hydraulic circuit.
⇨ Reviews preventive maintenance to improve your hydraulic reliability
⇨ Discusses troubleshooting of hydraulic systems.
⇨ Explains cause of hydraulic component failures
⇨ Identifies the hydraulic component and describe the function of each one as pumps, directional valves, control valves, motors, Filters, hoses, fittings, and reservoir, accumulator
⇨ Explains what hydraulic is used for and where it is used
⇨ shows how to dismantle and replace the hydraulic component from equipment such as; Ram cylinder, pump, motor, valve, hoses, and Accumulator
⇨ Preventive measures for safety in the work place while repairing a hydraulic machine or Press.
⇨ This class addresses safe work practices for hydraulics and pneumatics and includes information on Dismantling the hydraulic Ram cylinder or other component safely

1. Maintenance personnel
2. Machine operators
3. Plant supervisors
4. Engineering personnel
5. Set up personnel
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